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"People who fought in wars not the wars themselves need remembering.
All over Normandy stark stone graves remind us of the young men who would now be old"

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings and the liberation of Europe under Nazi occupation I am sharing a very personal on-going project 'Gold Beach' in honour of my father and all the wonderful veterans and their families I have met along the way.

Lt Jack Cooper (296029) The Essex Regiment, decorated with the Military Cross for gallantry and complete disregard for personal safety on 19th June 1944 TILLY (Normandy, France).

Who was this man? He never spoke about his experiences and sadly passed away in 1992 aged 76.
I knew him as a talented painter, sculptor and musician. My curiosity about the experiences of my late father started in 2004 just after the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I began researching my father's military story, meeting veterans from his regiment, known as the 'Pompadours', and exploring specific locatons he and his company journeyed to from the D-day landing beaches at Arromanches. Working from each location in Normandy through paintings and drawings I was able to connect with my father as the artist. Fascination in the remains of the Mulberry Harbour in Normandy, gave me the opportunity to explore a new and unique environment. Work that is born from fleeting glimpses of the landscape, exposure to the elements of new surroundings. Not picture postcard recordings of any particular vistas, but more a memory of an experience, a culmination of many remembered and hidden elements of the landscape, merged together and embodying a sense of the place.

In 2007 I was given the opportunity to have a solo show and the resulting work was not only about the landscape as it appears now, but is infused with the history of events that occurred there over seventy years ago. A copy of my 'Gold Beach' catalogue 2008 is avaliable to view below.

Awarded in 2009 a residency at Kensington Palace by the Royal Drawing School. My departure point was to invite a chosen group of veterans with their own unique identities and stories to sit for portraits.

"When Arromanches falls asleep
Bathed in heavenly light
A feeling of eternity
Blows on it's rocks"


Judi Green,Judith Green, artist, Gold Beach, Normandy. Painter and Artist Judith Green, website is living under blue skies. Threadneedle prize, The Prince's Drawing School, Judith Green Artist, Lynn Painter-Stainers.