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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition June 2013.

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"The Lecture Room offers the most traditional hang of the whole show, arranged around a lovely centrepiece of floored aerodynamic shapes by Zaha Hadid. Here it’s time for the binoculars to decide if any of the skied paintings are good. Among the highlights are pictures by Mick Rooney, Judith Green, Danny Markey, Bridget Keen, Louise Balaam, Eileen Hogan, Shanti Panchal, Sarah Armstrong-Jones and Michael Kirkbride. I liked Anthony Green’s triple layered cake-stand approach to ‘A Country Wedding’, and Delia Tournay-Godfrey’s small oil of Aldeburgh was refreshingly empty. Gallery X is devoted to six tapestries by Grayson Perry of little real interest, but just the sort of thing for a channel-surfing culture not much given to thought. And that’s another Summer Exhibition over…"